UPTO 180 Gbit/s!

Designed for the user, our stresser works
perfectly on any host. We're able to send out
over 180 Gbit/s of traffic.

BOOTER.SUPowerful – was made and built for the customer
with a user friendly interface and a glossy finish.



Large Back-end

We guarantee 15+ Gbit/s of amplified traffic per stress test using our SSDP method, our high end secure servers can satisfy even the most power hungry teenagers.


We're available within tor http://. We take user's security very seriously, and for that we are encrypting attack logs, login logs, and tickets.

24/7 Support

We employ multiple staff members to ensure your issue is solved very quickly. Don't wait days for help, get it when you need it.

Cheap Subscriptions

Starting as low as $4.99/mo, we offer the best price for a quality product.

Custom Made

Each line of code was custom made for the user. Our highly intelligent monkeys are working around the clock for A+ ideas to add to the newly designed source.


Our traffic comes from over 30,000 hosts around the world! We ensure the best protection for our users.

Skype Resolver & API

We offer the fastest Skype resolver on the market. Each user has a specific key they can use for whatever purpose.

API System

For an extra monthly cost, you can have your own API that is linked to your account! Our APIs are 100% custom and have years of work put into them.

SMS Bomber

We have implemented a global SMS bomber, allowing the server to spam mobile phones.

Reliable VIP Network

Users with a VIP subscription can chose the option to 'use all servers' making it extra powerful.

PayPal accepted here!

PayPal, Bitcoin, and Stripe is accepted here, auto-buy is also enabled.


Method Name Method Type Target Type Target Syntax Protocol
NTPLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
SSDPLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
CHARGENLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
MSSQLLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
TCPLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
DOMINATELayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
VSELayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
OVHLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...
RAW-UDPLayer 4Home Connections, Servers, etc...